2021 Aunt Mary's Niece LLC Client Testimonials

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2021 Theme: Romans 5:5 And hope does not put us to shame...

AMN Clients Transformation in Mind, Body, Spirit, Career and Money Matters

Feb 18, 2021- “Thank you for the reading! You are definitely in aligned with the ancestors. The words you shared from my father gave me laughter I had not felt since he transitioned. When you mention he is with me in places with brown sand and water, I cried. I live on the gulf coast in the Middle East. Each and everything you shared was truly heartfelt. Limitless blessings to you and yours for the work you do.” Middle East Client
Feb, 2021-“Emma’s daughter started doing work for me on Jan.....(we had to stop to do a cleansing) but she had advised me to get some items. So I went to the store purchased the items and did what she say do to take a cleansing bath for me and my girls. Well after the cleansing bath I noticed a huge difference in my mood and a huge difference in my kids behavior. We felt more relaxed. Also my oldest daughters father came to visit us unexpectedly. I was very happy to see him and he brought some clothing items for her. I really enjoyed my time with him. He was really happy to see us and we were happy to see him—” Charlotte, NC Client
Jan 24,2021-“Aunt Mary's Niece started work for me on 1-18-2021. I am already seeing results 1-19-2021. My fathers' daughter video chatted me the next day and it lasted a long time for about 1hr. He and I have talked every day this week. And he has let me know that he misses me intimately as well as other ways. Also he has introduced me to his cousin whom I never met before.....which I was shocked that I met another member of his family. I can’t wait to see the end result-- Charlotte, NC Client
Jan 15,2021-“Oh how rejuvenated I feel. That bath made me feel refreshed and renewed. I feel a fresh start coming.” Columbia, SC Client
Jan 13,2021-“ I have been using her money blessing oil for a while now and as of recently I used it. The day after I used it I was paid 150.00 for some work I did on a resume. The. A couple days later I was blessed again with 1800.00 dollars. Each time I use the oils the increments of money is different. I especially use it after a full and new moon and each time I was blessed. Thank you Aunt Mary’s Niece--
Jan 13,2021-“I just wanted to share that since working with Aunt Mary’s Niece that I am excelling in my career. My job just asked me to become an invite for JXXX in Charlotte. This opportunity will open up other doors for me to do bigger projects. I had her working on my employment for the past year and it has definitely paid off. Thank you Aunt Mary’s Niece. – Charlotte, NC Client
Jan12, 2021-“ She is the absolute truth. She told me that I had money coming my way.... Two weeks later I hit the lottery twice once before Christmas and two days after Christmas. She is the best and she is gifted and I love her. Thank you” Columbia, SC Client ” Columbia, SC Client
January 10, 2021- I have been working with Aunt Mary’s Niece for 1.5 years now and the work she has done for me has really set me free. I was in a really dark place upon starting working with her. She will not tell you what you want to hear but she will tell you what you need to hear. My life has done a complete 180. I had her do love and banishment, road opener, consultations etc. things between my child’s father and I have gotten a lot better (there is still work that needs to be done) but it’s a lot manage able. I’m not as angry and bitter. I’m a whole lot better than when he met me. I have also partaking in some of her self help courses. It took me a while to realize I’m the PRIZE and the types of women he is attracted to are beneath ME. I’m not what he is used to and refuse to let myself become that. She taught me that I need to elevate myself .....because I’m too good. I have a great career working as a regional recruiter with a damn good salary and bonus structure. I have since relocated from one state to another and I’m loving it. She has truly been my beacon of light and always will be regarded to as my sister. She will be the only one who I allow to do WORK for me. She is a woman of her word and truly an angel. She has seen me thru hell and back. While we have become very close we are brutally honest with each other.......but no matter what I always listen. She may drag me kicking and screaming across the finish line because I’m having a tantrum when things don’t go my way, but the end result is always “WE here, now shut up "she is truly gifted in the light and I will unleash hell on those who mistreat her!!!!! I love my sister--
NC Client