2018 Client Testimonies

2018 Theme: Deuteronomy 4:9 -Only be careful, and watch yourselves closely so that you do not forget the things your eyes have seen or let them fade from your heart as long as you live. Teach them to your children and to their children after them.

Dec 2018- Root Balance Hair Oil Client- Before use, my hair was falling out. Since using the Root Balance Hair Oil along with drinking water, I experienced minimal breakage even when wet and my hair is thicker and growing. In fact, it smells good too and I like it!
Dec 2018- Parental Advice- Today I got the affirmation that moms tend to look for, that we are doing a great job. There's always room for improvement and the help that Emma's Daughter has been, and will be providing is just what I needed. She's enlightened me on the habits I have and how to sharpen the skills I learn with parenting as some are developed from experience.
Dec 2018- Protection and Cleansing Client- "I just want to share with others my experience in using the products from Aunt Mary's Niece. The word says, "no weapons form against me shall prosper"...praying for covering and protection. I saw them coming at me, trying to form, but each time it was blocked! I thank God for just keeping watch over me and for allowing me to meet this wonderful woman of God. May she continue to hear and do the things of God to be a blessing to His people." S.L.
Dec 2018- Honey Love Bath (has multiple ingredients)- "Emma's daughter is the best I have some amazing love potion from and a great feeling of sweet honey bath. I had a so many people running after me want to hug me talk me so excited to see. I could not believe it. I use to have this difficult ways about me but when I took that honey bath I was sweet as cotton candy I feel so great and sweet like honey please try it everyone Lololol thanks Emma's Daughter." S. C.
Dec 2018- These Things I Do Know...Book Review "Enjoyable, informative and an easy read." J.B.
Dec 2018- Chaka Calm Bath Salts "It felt Good." S.C.
Dec 2018- Aunt Mary Niece Love Potion #9 -1 Day after Results- I can not believe the results that I am getting from Emma's Daughter from a love potion she gave. A old friend from years ago inbox and she was so happy to talk to me, people in the store smiling at me staring me down am like Wow Emma's Daughter you are amazing and gifted more power to u" S.C.
Dec 2018- "I am feeling so super great people that use to be so mean to me are so nice to me now because of Emma's Daughter products. I don't know what's that good stuff is but I love it and I feel good as hell...Then a lady was trying to move to the department where I work at my job soon after I talk to her- a week later I see her working in my department- Emma's Daughter is powerful and gifted I won't ever stop buying my products from her. Thanks Emma's Daughter
Nov 2018- Sexual Healing Results Using Spiritual Work-"Wow what a lovely romance mind blowing sex I had with my partner thanks to Emma's Daughter."
Nov 2018- Love Reading Results- "Emma's daughter is the best! I meet up with a new guy last night and he is what she say he was going to be a guy that will blow my mind and know how to treat a woman thank you.”
Nov 2018- “I had a reading with Emma's daughter and she told me everything that I wanted to know and what I need to know she told me the truth about everything you will love her reading she told somethings about my situation and what she going to do to help me she was on point with it I love speaking with Emma's daughter.”
Nov 2018- “Emma's Daughter IS A BLESSING I was impressed she was a very good listener and she understand MY issues I enjoy her company and how she will help you.” S.C.
Nov 2018- I love Emma's Daughter cleansing products she told me I would of feel amazing if I do a spiritual bath and when I did it omg it was soooo great I feel like a new person doors started opening for me I was eat at my job off my break my boss saw me I was suppose to get written up but she couldn't I was so surprise Emma's daughter is amazing everyone should come to here Emma's daughter you are a lot of help hun thank you and I will continue to buy your wonderful products. S.C.
Oct 2018- Emma's Daughter helped me through a very tough time in my life. I didn't know what to do. So I prayed and prayed and I came in contact with Emma's Daughter. From our very first conversation she knew just what I needed. I was amazed and very happy. She gave me advice and helped me through what I was going through. I now can rest peaceful knowing that I no longer have to struggle with bills or be away from my family. I'm very thankful. God is always on time. C.P.


Don't forget the things your eyes have seen or let them slip from your heart...